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Congratulations on the 200th Issue!

I don’t know exactly when, but it has been quite a long time since Chang-won-dae Sinmoon worked together with The Campus Journal. As time went by, I became the editor-in-chief of Chang-won-dae Sinmoon. Now, I am writing to congratulate the Campus Journal on its 200th edition. Like with many other university papers, there was no contact with the main press. We were not close until recently. But through our effort to improve relations, now we welcome and greet each other. So, writing this message has a special meaning to me. I offer my hearty congratulations to the CWNU English newspaper.

by Jung Jae-heun (Dept. of Journalism & Mass Communication)

The CWNU English newspaper published its 200th issue! As a devoted reader, I thank all the Campus Journal members for having made a good newspaper. Due to your hard work, it seems that the Campus Journal has continually improved. Moreover, I hope the CWNU newspaper will be loved not only by students but also by Changwon residents. Way to go! I will always support you.

by Kim Yu-min (School of Architecture Engineering )

Hi, I’m the director of the CWNU broadcasting station, “CUB”. Firstly, I would like to extend my congratulations to The Campus Journal for its 200th issue. I know well that making an English newspaper is very hard work because it involves translation as well as coverage. Nevertheless, it’s really nice of you to gather readers’ opinions in order to improve the newspaper. CUB is always willing to help if there is anything that we can do. And here is my suggestion for The Campus Journal. How about adding an entertainment section to your paper? That way, students might become more interested. Sincere congratulations on your 200th issue. Continue to prosper.

by Lee Yoon-jung (Dept. of French Language & Literature)

First of all, congratulations on your 200th issue. It wouldn't have been easy to maintain the Campus Journal as people tend not to read it often. Nonetheless, I highly appreciate your efforts to keep this newspaper going and becoming more prosperous. Thanks to your dedication, it appears that there are more readers than before! I must say that the information you give about the campus is really useful. I can not only know what's going on at our school, but also receive a wide range of helpful knowledge through your paper. I believe if you keep trying as you have done, one day it will become everybody’s newspaper and we will love it!

by Lee Do-kyeong (Department of International Trade)

It’s amazing that The Campus Journal has printed 200 issues already! Thank you for all the time and hard work. I usually read it to learn about our school’s news and to study English. I think reading English newspapers is a wonderful way to learn the language. And if there is a chance, I’d like to work as a reporter at the CWNU press. I also appreciate your endeavor to improve The Campus Journal by collecting reader’s opinions and reflecting on them. I look forward to your great content. Continue to 300!

by Ahn Teu-re (Dept. of Nursing)

Hello, I’m the vice-president of the General Students’ Association. When I heard that the 200th issue of The Campus Journal was being published, I wanted to offer my congratulations. The Campus journal is like killing two birds with one stone. It helps both readers and reporters improve their English skills and receive beneficial information at the same time. The CWNU English newspaper has lasted for 28 years so the 200th issue has a lot of meaning. Thank you to the reporters who have worked hard to write good articles. I support you all. The Campus Journal will only progress if CWNU students read it. Please keep reading and supporting the newspaper.

by Lee Hyun-seong (Dept. of Mechanical Engineering)

Lee Ha-eun  lovehaeun0126@gmail.com

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