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Do you Lack Money at the End of the Month?

Do you want to know how much CWNU students spend every month, and what they spend money on? We conducted a survey of 400 students to answer these questions.

Firstly, how much money do students spend in a month? 180 students said they spent 200-300,000 won per month. 24 students said they spent 0-10,000 won and only 20 students said they spent over 500,000 won. A survey conducted by Albamon said university students spend an average of 404,644 won per month. By comparison, CWNU students spend less.

Next, where do students get their money? 312 students among 400 said they get an allowance from their parents. Many students are dependent on their parents. However, 208 students work part-time to make money themselves.

Thirdly, which item do students spend the most on? Over half the students (244) said “food.” Most students eat out twice a day. Moreover, they drink coffee and eat snacks. Because of this, it’s not surprising that food accounts for the biggest part of their spending. What is impressive is that 34 students said saving accounts for their biggest expense every month. We interviewed one student who said, “When I get older, I will be busier than now so I want to travel somewhere before it is too late. I deposit 200,000 won every month, which I get from my part-time job.”

Lastly, how do students budget their money effectively? Only 24 students said they write down their plans on how to use their money. 144 students said they do nothing.

To spend money effectively, it is important to think about your budget. In other words, you should know your income and consumption amounts. Keeping notes is one way to cut down on unnecessary consumption. Having knowledge about the economy, and finding ways to increase your income is a good way, too.

Cho Yu-na  -

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