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Bongrim Software Exhibition
The Bongrim Software Exhibition was held at the College of Engineering last Friday. The exhibition consisted of work by graduates of the Department of Computer Engineering.
The Department of Computer Engineering was founded in 1985. The Bongrim Software Exhibition has been held every year since. Their purpose was always to improve application program development. Jeong Jae-cheol, graduate leader, said, “It was very hard to do many projects and work during the last 4 years but it was worthwhile. To make something out of nothing was very difficult but our effort was always beautiful. I want the Department of Computer Engineering to improve through the exhibition.”
Programs from 32 teams were exhibited. The most popular works were ‘Movie Movie’ and the ‘Malignant Code Detection Program’. ‘Movie Movie’ is an application for movies and theaters. It conveniently allows people to see movie times of theaters. The ‘Malignant Code Detection Program’ blocks programs from spreading malignant codes, making Internet life safer. There have been a lot of malignant codes created and spread by hackers. Managers couldn’t solve the technical terms in the program. So Team KY^2 made a program manager to solve the problem easily.
Various programs were exhibited about climbing, driving for inexperienced drivers, and finding traditional markets in Changwon. One could see a bright future for the Department of Computer Engineering students, and an example for future graduates.

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