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Ongoing Debate about Dues for a School-Supporting Association
The students of eight universities, Changwon, Seoul, Chonnam, Pusan, Gyeongsang, Kongju, Kyungpook and Kongju(Education) national university, took legal action against their schools to demand the return of partial dues for their School-Supporting Associations of 2010. On November 7, the students won in the appeal court, after the first instance. The court judged that each school-supporting association should pay the students 100,000 won per person. The justice department stated that there was no legal basis for the dues. Meanwhile, our general students' association recently gathered signatures at the Bongrim & Sarim student halls and the university main gate. This past summer on August 26th, the Ministry of Education had announced new rules for national university accounting. Accordingly, CWNU should have stopped giving a subsidy for staff salaries and instead, produced a list of suggested reduced expenditures to confer a substantive benefit on students by October 31th. However, CWNU didn’t notify the students about such content, and a meeting for the suggested reductions was scheduled late, past the expected date. Thus, the general students' association had a signature-seeking campaign to press CWNU for an answer. The students' association criticized CWNU for not wanting to discuss its plan for usage of the dues with students and its unilateral policies.
Also, they claimed CWNU should communicate with students for recommendations on the proper use of the dues. In response, CWNU claimed it was absurd for the students' association to claim that they suppressed information and neglected proper notification. Also, CWNU said hanging big-character posters stating one-sided opinion of the general students' association was hasty, and that it could cloud the judgment of students. Jung Jong-bae, chief of finance of CWNU, made the following comment: “The Ministry of Education’s new policy forced universities to solve this problem alone without any plan of action or governmental support. It is a cosmetic measure which will do nothing to help the situation long term. We will give careful consideration to the budget planning and make a budget to be helpful to the students.” However, last month, CWNU was criticized for running the school-supporting association perfunctorily in its budgetary research on the actual condition by Jung Jin-hu, a member of the National Assembly. Regarding budget research, CWNU has in fact managed the School-Supporting Association to the exclusion of the students, and the School-Supporting Association has thus not operated regularly.

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