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Selected as the Model Organization for Budget
CNU is selected as the model organization for 2009 budget execution. Total of 9 universities were selected nationwide. It was reported that the Ministry of Education Science and Technology will be supporting the budget incentive of 120million KRW.

The government is carrying out early-budget execution program to stabilize public economy and Changwon National University successfully exceeded the target by executing the budget on major education projects.

In order to achieve early exhaustion of the budget, Changwon National University concluded the budget plan of 2009 5 months earlier than the last year and all preparations for the facility construction was completed earliest possible. Furthermore, the university formed the swift budget execution inspection team to inspect and encourage the related departments. The operation worked on multiple targets to promote the early budget execution.

The manager of Accounting Section of Changwon National University commented that “Customer satisfaction rate rose and public economy was stabilized thanks to quick and precise budget plans. Such results could not have been achieved without efficient collaboration of all members of Changwon National University and we will work harder to achieve better results”.

Kang In-Jung  cutejung88@changwon.ac.kr

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