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Increasing Competition to Enter CWNU
CWNU announced an increase in the college applications for the school year 2012. Despite its admission quota of 1,094 students per year, CWNU received 5,698 regular applications, making its competition ratio 5.21 to 1. The unscheduled college application competition ratio was 8.77 to 1, the highest rate of all time. There were two application groups—the A group’s competition ratio was 4.1 to 1, while B group’s was 6.14 to 1.
College applications to CWNU have been on the rise for years, with the competition ratio reaching remarkable levels. The competition ratio has increased steadily, from 3.41 to 1 in 2008, 3.71 to 1 in 2009, 5.55 to 1 in 2010, and 5.24 to 1 in 2011. This increasing competition ratio is a proof of the growing stature of CWNU as a strong university in terms of location, courses of study, educational facilities, job-seeking support system, scholarships and many others. CWNU is indeed a popular choice among incoming freshmen for good reasons.
First, CWNU is conveniently located next to Changwonjungang Station and Gyeongsangnam-do provincial hall. It is easy to access the university from any point in the country. Also, CWNU boasts of hardworking and enthusiastic professors who provide high-quality education and motivate the students to do well academically. Another reason for CWNU’s popularity is its affordable tuition fee which is cheaper than the average tuition of all Korean universities. CWNU has not increased its tuition fee since 2008. And for the school year 2012, CWNU has reduced the tuition by about 5.7%, giving parents a break from expensive education costs.
In the past, many high school students ignored CWNU, thinking that only universities in Seoul could give them a better future. But now, many students are paying more attention to local universities such as CWNU because of better governmental support and higher educational standards. If this trend continues and developments and supports are maintained at their levels, CWNU’s stature and competitiveness will continue to grow.

Kim Dae-gon  media@changwon.ac.kr

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