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Combination, Abolition and Amalgamation of Departments

Recently, CWNU administration began combining, abolishing and amalgamating as a proposal to progress as a national university. But the university came into conflict with faculty in the process. Part of the basic concept of the curriculum announced on August 23, 2011 at the national university is based on the "2 step advancement plan." The faculty seeks to prevent the ongoing integration and combination or abolition of similar subjects and to improve the structure of our university, rather than causing conflict among members and disruption of school administration and faculty recruitment, which can bring about adverse side effects. They propose:

1. Improvement to the system of direct elections of the university president

2. Introduction of the system for the president's choice of operational targets.

3. Introduction of a bidding system for college deans and department chairs

4. Revitalization of general education in colleges

5. Advancement of academic affairs management

6. Improvement of the college supporting association accounting system

7. Push ahead with continuation of national university structural reform

8. System of achievement assessment of faculty for annual salary bonus system

According to number seven, the main issue is a university system that requires a flexible workforce and has a reorganized community structure. This means asking departments to make integration and combination or abolition the goal should not be absolute. Now, where required, mobilizing our ability to protect the interests of our university is more urgent. There may be an opportunity to integrate two departments if it should lead to greater competitiveness and improve the structure of the school. In such a case, the integration should not be undertaken without consideration of the professors in the departments. First, the departments should integrate according to voluntary targets, and there must be an analysis of the pros and cons of each department.

The most questionable point of this process is that students in the departments never know about these decisions. Eventually, these plans will affect students, but the students will never even know. This is hypocritical.

Kim Gyeong-ah  wing1128@naver.com

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