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Master's Candidate wins the ISWA Thesis Grand Prize

Master of Environmental Engineering candidate Lee Joo-yong won the grand prize of thesis in the ISWA(International Solid Waste Association) World Congress for his graduation thesis. His thesis was selected as the best among the 300 competitors.
1. What is ISWA World Congress?
This is the largest society for Waste Management for Low Carbon Emission & Green Growth Society in the world. The world congress is a biennial convention and this time it was held at EXCO in Daegu, Korea. Maybe I might never see this world congress in Korea again for as long as I live. So, I felt very honored.
2. What is your thesis about?
This was my graduation thesis and it is about “solid fuel”, a mixture of oil sludge and sawdust. Solid fuel is green technology and it can help reduce the use of fossil fuel.
3. Why did you choose this subject for your thesis?
First time I started a collaborative research as part of a cooperative study project with the HOPE Center (Human Resources Development for Offshore Plant Engineering). Then, I combined my graduation thesis with this research subject.
4. The ISWA World Congress is highly competitive. Did you have to do any special preparation for it?
Hmm.. I did not prepare anything special compared with other people. Maybe the reason why my thesis was selected is the area of experiment. This field has not been explored by many, so I think this point was an unusual aspect of my research.
5. What was the hardest part of writing your thesis?
This field is unfamiliar to me and there weren't enough experimental data. During experimentation, there weren't many available data for me. That was the hardest part.

Kim Gyeong-ah  wing1128@naver.com

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