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Movie: Pirates of Silicon Valley
On October 5, 2011, Steve Jobs, the ‘icon of innovation’ died of cancer. He co-founded the Apple Inc. with Steve Wozniak, and in 1970s ushered in the age of personal computers. Despite his many successes, he had to undergo a lot of ordeals in his life.
‘Pirates of Silicon Valley’ is a movie about Microsoft founder Bill Gates (played by actor Michael Hall) and Apple founder Steve Jobs (played by actor Noah Wyle). The movie documents the founding of the rival companies Apple and Microsoft and the rise of personal computers.
In 1971, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak (played by actor Joey Slotnick) who were students at Berkeley University started a business which made computers in a warehouse. They named their company ‘Apple’ and made computers after securing venture funds. The company was well-received in a computer exposition and Apple began to get bigger.
At the same time, Bill Gates who was in Harvard University developed the language of Altair, a company that sold computers. Later, he found his own company Microsoft. Bill Gates was slowly becoming a rich person by providing his program to all IBM’s computers. This was a mistake by IBM, assuming that there’s no money in thinking software. Meanwhile, Apple was being smart by using Xerox’s application program for free, thus saving money for the company. Xerox provided their program for free because they thought it was useless. Apple was hiring more people as the company grew larger, thanks to Xerox.
When Apple was about to release its Macintosh after Apple 2, Microsoft was at a crisis. Bill, who by this time had already developed Windows after referring to a Mac model, decided to visit Steve but was snubbed by him. Shortly after, Steve was fired from Apple Computer. He left Apple in 1986, but returned in 1997 to engineer one of the biggest comebacks in tech history. That year, Bill Gates has become the world’s richest man.
This movie which was made in 1999 still holds relevance today. This movie showed us the lives of students (Steve Jobs and Bill Gates) who had no fear and followed their dreams. They had the courage to overcome their difficulties. They had passion and commitment, and they really loved their work. A new film about Steve Jobs’ life story will be released soon by Sony Pictures. That could be something worth watching.

Kim Gyeong-ah  wing1128@naver.com

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