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Half price tuition task force
Students participate in the Half Price Task force 'Street Class'
A task force for half-price CWNU tuition has been formed and is holding many activities. I spoke with Song Song-yi (Dept. of Sociology, 05), president of the task force during the “street class” event on September 29th.
-Why did you form a task force for half price college tuition?
“The task force was formed by students who want to see the realization of half price tuition at CWNU. So, we have been doing activities with club associations, the college of social sciences’ association, etc”.
-What is street class?
“Street class is designed to inform not only students, but also citizens, of the need for half price tuition. Other universities have a lot of activities, but not our university. There was a speech about why we need half price tuition, clubs' cultural performances, and a candlelight vigil was held."
-What kind of activities have been held previously?
"There are lots of activities such as doing surveys, gathering signatures etc.
We had a national signature campaign and distributed printed materials about half price university tuition every day from Sept. 7th until Sept. 22nd at the CWNU front gate, Bongrim Student Hall and Sarim Student Hall. On Sept. 23rd, there were CWNU task force activities including a briefing session, half price vendors and a program to stop the incorporation of national universities.
-How about the reaction of students or citizens, and what is the most difficult part of this effort?
“Activities of the task force have been well accepted by citizens, more than the students, because they pay college tuition in practice. But CWNU students have the attitude that this matters little to them because our tuition is cheap. So, I want many students to become aware that this can be a big problem that will not end with our generation”.

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