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How to pick and read a good book
Choosing a good book is not easy. There are so many books out there sometimes you feel overwhelmed. What kind of book is good for you? And how can you read it effectively? Here are some tips for book readers:
How to pick a good book:
1. Choose from the bestsellers!
This is the easiest way to choose a book. Bestsellers are books read by many people. When a book reaches a bestseller status, the chances you found a good book are pretty good. But be warned, a bestseller book may not be the right book for you. Sometimes, some books are overrated.
2. Look for books written by your favorite author.
If you have read and enjoy a book by one author in the past, you might want to try other publications by the same author. If you have a favorite author, then you are familiar with this author’s writing style and share a similar view of the world. Chances are you’ll enjoy another book written by him.
3. Read book reviews and recommendations.
Some books may contain a suggested reading list. These books are recommended by an author so they are probably worth reading. Often, if you look up a book on a website, it will give you a list of books that are similar. Also, you can ask other people such as friends, family members, or your teachers to recommend a good book to you.
How to read a book effectively:
1. Take your time when reading.
Read with your mind rather than your eyes. Reading a book is different from merely looking at the pages. You don’t have to read fast; you have to read well. Taking your time when reading a good book allows you to understand and enjoy it better.
2. Read whenever you can.
Most people complain about not having enough time to read. You can put whatever little time you have into good use. Instead of just sitting in the subway or on a bus, you can read. You can read while doing your “thing” in the toilet or while waiting for a bus. Reading a book is an effective way to kill time in these situations.
3. Read a variety of books.
You can read books of the same theme but written by different authors. This way, you can compare different perspectives and gain more knowledge. Reading a wide variety of books helps to broaden your horizon and improve your thinking skills.

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