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CWNU's Globalization ProjectBuilding language and cultural bridges
Participants in the Globalization Project listen as the lecturer talks about language and culture
The world has become one due to the advent of the Internet and international traffic. The word ‘Global’ is familiar to us now, and in fact, in Changwon alone there are about 13,000 foreign residents. Also about 300 foreign students are studying in our school at present.
The world is within our reach, and we know this. Many people want to communicate with people all over the world. There are many language academies in Changwon, but most of them are English academies. Others are either Japanese or Chinese. People who want to learn other languages such as Italian or Spanish have nowhere to go. For this particular reason, CWNU launched the lecture series '10 Countries' Language, Culture, and Education' to help those people in need of foreign language. It is part of CWNU's 'Globalization Project’. This project was aimed at introducing languages around the world and was open not only to CWNU students but to Changwon citizens as well. The project's slogan was ‘open your ears and mouth, and open your mind’. Twenty three people attended: five people were Chang-won citizens; other eighteen people were CWNU students. They listened to lectures for three weeks, from July 2 to 22, four days a week, for two hours a day at Building 22.
‘The Globalization Project’, offered lectures about languages and cultures around the world, including French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Thai, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, and of course English. The project includes a special program for sharing Foreign Culture, in which participants share information about cultures with each other. The project organizers invited people with a lot of international experience to conduct special lectures about their experiences abroad. The speakers include Tak Jae-hyeong, producer of an EBS popular program 'World theme Journey', foreign exchange students in CWNU and experienced professors who are experts in their departments. The speakers talked about their experiences, their travel itineraries, and their memories. The participants agreed that they were satisfied with learning languages that they cannot learn anywhere else. Not only did they learn languages but cultures as well. CWNU awarded certificates to all the participants, pdf files and books about language education. The 'Globalization Project' offers information and consultation to those who are planning to travel or study abroad. CWNU Language Education Center hopes to develop people's global skills continuously and is happy to help everybody.

Kim E-seul  seul_09@changwon.ac.kr

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