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Aptitude Test Intensive TrainingThe first step towards employment
The ‘2011 Business Conglomerates' Aptitude Test Intensive Training’ was hosted by General Human Resources Development Center and EDUCE on from Aug. 17 (Wed) to Aug.19(Fri). It was held at Rm. 21222, College of Economics & Business. This program was intended for students who are preparing for employee performance evaluation and alumni and current students who want to take part in this program. The training had two sections: first, an in-depth lecture about regional vocational tests where the students had to study each section thoroughly. Second, fundamental education about students who are struggling with each section. Through education students can have the opportunity to develop one's potentials and self- improvement. This aptitude test intensive training mostly covered SSAT(Samsung Aptitude Test). On August 17, the lecture was focused on an overview of SSAT and introduction of other types of tests and reasoning 1. On the next day, the main contents were about economics and business, science and engineering, reasoning 2 as common sense in the workplace. The last day covered mathematics, language and personality and pragmatics.
Here are some tips from this training course:
-Secret of passing the SSAT
1. Understand the question type.
You can overcome your weak point by analyzing the type of question. If you understand the problem, you can solve it more quickly and save time.
2. Practice time management.
When taking SSAT, time is of the essence. You should answer all the questions on time.
3. Acquire common sense in the workplace.
Preparing for this section is difficult the short run. You should study constantly and be updated on new words through SAMSUNG release copy etc.
4. Focus on mathematics and reasoning sections.
When compared, there is a big gap of scores that define failure and success. However, one can prepare for math and reasoning sections in a short time.
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