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Why so serious? Just KINO
  • by Kim E-seul, Reporter
  • 승인 2011.04.11 15:59
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Have you ever seen KINO’s poster? KINO is one of the many campus clubs. But KINO’s specialty is film-screening for students. This time, KINO will screen 'Farewell My Concubine' on Monday (4.11), 'Days of Being Wild' on Tuesday (4.12), 'Happy Together' on Wednesday (4.13), and 'Inner Senses' on Thursday (4.14) as part of their event 'In Memory of Leslie Cheung’. Let’s meet KINO.
1. What is the meaning of KINO?
Many people ask what KINO means. KINO is a ‘movie’ in German. And there was a weekly movie magazine called KINO which is now out of publication. That magazine was famous for introducing valuable but unknown movies as well as popular movies. Our motto is similar to the magazine's. We want to introduce uncommon, unique culture.
2. What is your purpose of showing movies to students?
We want to introduce various cultures. Movie is one of them. We think we are using movies to intermediate the real and the unreal. Movies are various, as we can see. But the best reason is we just like movies.
3. How do you choose movies?
First, we decide one one theme, and we watch movies related to that theme. And we choose a movie after a general meeting of the members. Also, students recommend movies to us.
4. You charge 1000 won per movie. How do you spend the money you collect?
All admision fees are used for the screening preparations. In fact, screening doesn’t need a lot of money. But we think if students pay an admission fee, they will know the value of movie. We get 1000 won for 2 people, and that's not that expensive. A lot of preparations are necessary for screening. We make promotion materials, ads and posters by ourselves. We also prepare snacks for the audience. We also charge a membership fee.
5. Why are you featuring Leslie Chung?
People who love movies knows Leslie Chung. April 1 is not only April Fools' Day, it is the day of his death. He was one of the best actors in Asia, so we think now is the best time.
6. What is your plan?
Why so serious? Just KINO is this year’s plan. We want KINO members to enjoy their time with us. This is our goal.

by Kim E-seul, Reporter  -

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