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The explanation about the English Lounge
In this age of globalization, most students need to improve their language skills. Our university offers a space to encourage you to study language. This space is called the English Lounge, a calm and relaxing environment conducive to learning. The English Lounge is an “English-only zone” where every CWNU student can develop their English ability by talking with foreign teachers or peers only in English. By conversing with foreign teachers you can test your English Level. A level test is available upon application at the information desk. A foreign teacher may not always be there, so it is helpful to check the teachers’ visiting time at the information desk. The English Lounge has a “game zone” where students can play board games or card games in English. There is also a conference room for holding special meetings or classes. There are other services available, too. You can have access to the Internet for thirty minutes at a time. However, you can go to English websites only. You can also watch English movies here. Movie screening information is posted on the bulletin board inside the lounge. You can enjoy reading here, too. You can choose from a wide range of reading materials. The lounge has a huge collection of English newspapers, magazines, comic books, English textbooks, and novels.

There are certain rules to be observed at the English lounge. The first and most important rule is “Speak in English only” and students are encouraged to abide by it at all times. To use every single material in the lounge, you have to write down your name and the material you are borrowing on the logbook. Students are not allowed to bring in food except beverages. Smoking inside the lounge is prohibited.

Another important thing is the student card. For easier access to the facilities, you had better submit your student card upon entrance and exit. The computer logs down the time you spent in the lounge. The total number of hours you spent in the English lounge is useful information since some classes require lounge hours. It is therefore advisable to check if the English class you are taking this semester (English Conversation classes, in particular) has this requirement. Some professors give extra points to students who spent long hours in the lounge during the entire semester. The English Lounge is located on the 2nd floor of Sarim student hall and is open from 10:00A.M. until 7:00P.M.

by Lee Jung-eun, Cub-reporter

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