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A little attention from you will make an Industrial medical school
CWNU has held the inauguration ceremony for its drive to establish an industrial medical school, and has gotten to work in earnest. CWNU delivered a letter of appointment to 31 industrial medical school establishment committees and discussed future plans for the industrial medical school.

CWNU began to establish agreements with the Korea Labor Welfare Corporation and the Japanese Industrial Medical School and to hold academic seminars. Meanwhile, our university has been setting about to expand its signature-collecting campaign in the community. And CWNU will begin discussions with the Ministry of Employment and Labor in March, and then plans to present an application for establishment to the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology in May.

CWNU made an agreement with the Korea Workers' Compensation & Welfare Service for the establishment of an industrial medical school, and to designate and operate the Changwon Industrial Accident Hospital as a university hospital.

An industrial medical school is a specialized School of Medicine that cultivates industrial health doctors through the study of preventive medicine and industrial medicine which involves prevention, diagnosis, and treatment regarding health impairment, occupational disease, and industrial disasters.

If an industrial medical school is established at CWNU, infrastructure for perfect manpower education for patients who suffer industrial accidents or require preventive treatment will be built in conjunction with the Dept. of Nursing Science and the Dept. of Biochemistry & Health Science. And CWNU will provide high-quality medical treatment services to workers and citizens of Changwon.

Furthermore, students who live in Changwon will be able to attend a local School of Medicine. And this will also create jobs in the city through expanded medical service.
The signature-collecting campaign is intended to raise interest and support for the establishment of an industrial medical school, our community’s long-cherished ambition.

by Choi Deok-yoon, Reporter

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