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From now on, we are also students of CWNU
At Feb. 23 (Wed), there was an entrance ceremony for freshmen. This year, there are 1889 freshmen.

The entrance ceremony consisted of an opening ceremony, the Pledge of Allegiance, the announcement of admission into the school, the freshmen oath, the awarding of scholarships, a welcoming speech by the president, congratulations, singing the school song together, and a closing ceremony.

On that day, it was announced that this year’s top freshmen is Kim Dong-hun (Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, 11). He will receive all 4 years' tuition and dormitory fee.
The entrance ceremony for freshmen was held in February for the first time. This means freshmen students will start their campus life as enrolled students. This will reduce the freshmen’s confusion. And the orientation for freshmen and registration for courses was shortly after the entrance ceremony. This increased participation in the ceremony. Originally, the entrance ceremony for freshmen was only 30 minutes, from 11:00am-11:30am, but with the orientation and registration for courses, the whole ceremony finished at 5:00PM. Lee Ka-eun (Dept. of German Language & Literature, 11) said “My friends who are in other universities didn’t attend an entrance ceremony for freshmen. But I attended because of orientation and registration for courses.”

Kim Jun-hyuk, Lee Sang-hee (School of General Study, 11) said, “Today, we met for the first time. So we felt awkward. We wanted to curry favor with our school friends.” And they also said, “We will study hard. We want to go to the department we want.” Many students in other departments also said they wanted to get good grades.

The College of Engineering students' association, ‘The Drill,’ said they welcomed about 600 students to the College of Engineering. The Drill's chief of planning, Kim Dong-young (Dept. of Electric Engineering, 06), said,” I remember my freshman entrance ceremony. When I was a freshmen, I received my senior's help. So my freshman year was very fun. But looking back on it now, I know my seniors suffered a lot.” He also said, “We made a lot of effort for the freshmen event. We will go Jeollanam-do Gurye for orientation. We hope they will make a lot of good memories.”

by Kim E-seul, Reporter

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