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Inaugural Social Venture Contest
The first Social Venture Contest was held at the Sarim hall of CWNU on October 29th. The ceremony was conducted as follows: a ribbon-cutting ceremony, introduction of guests, and welcome speeches, not to mention the several concerts and the presentation of business proposals by participating companies. At the entrance of the Sarim hall there were kiosks, cheering, and other events held by the various participating firms.

Social venture can be defined as the enterprising social company model that utilizes creativity and innovation to spend returns from business activities in order to promote social objectives such as providing social services or employment to low-income social classes, and improving the quality of life of the people. The social company is receiving a lot of attention as an alternative that recognizes the problems of our society and tries to find innovative solutions for them. In addition, social companies also provide excellent opportunities to passionate youngsters to realize their own hopes and aspirations. This contest was a chapter in finding a good business model that provides rewarding jobs to people in need as well as creative adolescents, and services needed by our community.

Chairman of the board Cho Dae-ho said “Through this contest we ask for the participation and support of people interested in our society’s innovative ideas, social company or social venture, and we ask for your help so that we may prosper even further.”

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