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Seoul National University Prof. Noh Tae-Won’s Special Lecture in Physics

November 5, CWNU invited Prof. Noh Tae-Won (Dept. of Physics and Astronomy, SNU) to give a lecture in the College of Natural Science seminar room about the construction of a resistance random access memory and lightning phenomenon.

According to Prof. Noh, modern civilization functions on the basis of the electron revolution, and within this revolution the element of memory is very important. To make an ideal next generation memory we have to develop a new memory element that keeps high concentration and fast speed, and which is also nonvolatile. Resistance random access memory is as part of the next generation that is currently being studied current very intensely. It is based on a resistance switching phenomenon according to voltage. This resistance switching phenomenon has been continuously examined, but he claimed that our understanding is not complete.

Prof. Noh talked about a similarity between resistance random access memory and the lightning phenomenon in this lecture, and especially how a conductor filament induces a process of forming a path of electricity resolving to a point of statistical dynamics called percolation.

Finally he introduced a new statistical model called ‘random circuit breaker (RCB) network model’ to students. And through this kind of understanding he hopes to influence the development of resistance random access memory.

Kim Do-yeon  media@changwon.ac.kr

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