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CWNU Proceeds with Establishment of Industrial Medical College
CWNU said that it is pushing forward with the establishment of an industrial medical college to improve workers’ health care and community medical services in the united Changwon. An industrial medical college is a specialized educational institution for cultivating medical experts to treat and rehabilitate industrial accident patients.

CWNU has been hoping to establish such a college since 1995, but it was not approved by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology because of all kinds of opposition. CWNU launched a Practices Committee (Prof. Jung Cha-Geun, chairman) dealing with collecting public opinion, public relations, a signature-seeking campaign, etc. Chairman Jung Cha-Geun said, “It is disgraceful that a National university located in the seat of a provincial government has no medical college. Meanwhile, because of interest groups and politicians in the area, the demand of changwon citizens for high quality medical services had been overlooked.

Our university hasn’t been used profitably, and there is good political logic behind setting up an industrial medical college that can provide high level medical services to workers and citizens, and which will have a pioneering role in supplying local health services.”

However, about the establishment of an industrial medical college, Chairman Gwon Hae-Yeong of the Gyeongsangnam-do medical association said, “The opinion that Changwon is insufficient without a university hospital lacks persuasiveness. Not only can a careless establishment of a medical college fail to cultivate people of talent, but also it can destroy natural sciences and engineering.”

Although these are directly opposing opinions, if CWNU industrial medical college is established, it will be able to provide high quality medical services to citizens, cultivating a specialized medical workforce.

Seong Jae-ho  zzangpkpk@changwon.ac.kr

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