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Candidates Vow Major Improvements to Campus Life at CWNU
CWNU will hold general elections on November 24th. The general elections comprise voting for the officers of the following: general student association, general female students’ association, 6 colleges associations. There were 10 parties that registered their candidates during the first week of November. The election administration commission authorized election campaigns until November 24th. The election administration commission will set up two polling places at Bongrim Students Hall and Sarim Students Hall. Voting will finish at 10:30 pm on that day. In the last year’s elections, there was a conflict between the ‘ReBorn’ party and the ‘Ready Action’ party. To prevent the same thing from happening again, only one party will run on the general student association election. The name of the party is ‘The’, which stands for a friendlier and better student association. Likewise, only one party is allowed to run for the general female students’ association. The elections require the counting of the number of ‘yeas’ and ‘nays’. More than half of the students’ participation is required for the general elections to be valid, and candidates must have 75% ‘ayes’ to win.

Candidates of ‘The’ party are Kim Ji-hoon (Dept. of Mechanical Engineering) and Park Seong-su (Dept. of Chemistry). They made a public commitment to do the following: first, they promised to set up a negotiation team together with students. The team will negotiate with the president and officials of CWNU about tuition fees. They will make public the proceedings of the negotiation and the details of tuition fees. Secondly, they will establish air cleaner and humidifier at the central library and recharging machines for the traffic card around the campus. Thirdly, they will expand opportunities for overseas culture tours and lectures for certification.

Candidates of ‘The’ female student association are Cho A-ra (Dept. of Economics) and Park So-eun (Dept. of Statistics). They made a public commitment to do the following: first, they will designate some rooms for female students. They have a plan to establish ‘beauty zone’ in the room. They will furnish the rooms with hair dryers, nail polish, and curling tongs. Secondly, they will come up with measures to increase communication with students. They will create women’s homepage and operate a counseling center for female students.

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