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Mobile-X sweeps prizes in various contests!
CWNU said on the 11th that the Mobile-X team, a foundation club of the Dept.of Information & Communication Engineering has won the prizes awarded by Changwon city mayor, Gyeongnam Robot Industry Foundation, and Gyeong Nam Ubiquitous-IT Association at the “2010 Changwon Mobile Applications Contents Contest.”

This contest was organized by Gyeongnam Robot Industry Foundation in order to find the excellent technologies in the fields of software and digital contents and creative ide. Hwang Sung-wook , Jung Jung-soo and Kim Ji-wook have won the mayor’s prize with the “Location-based Service”, Kim Jae-hwan and Nam Hyun-joo have won the Gyeongnam Robot Industry Foundation Director’s prize with the “Etiquette Bell” and Lee Jung-ryul, Cho Dae-hwan and Kim Seok-hyun have won the prize the Gyeong Nam Ubiquitous-IT Association Presidential prize with the “Communication Mechanism.”

The “Location-based Service, Near you”, the work that won the mayor’s prize supplements superficial social network, and allows users to be friends both online and offline. The users can also write in specific locations such as cultural center, restaurant, etc., and discuss topics.

The “Etiquette Bell” is the application that allows your cellphone to give off the sound of water while relieving oneself and includes a game function and interesting reading materials. The “Communication Mechanism” is the program that supports the disabled with difficulties in communicating what they want to say in voice and text.

The Mobile-X that showed fresh ideas is the foundation club with wireless internet game-related technology. This club was established in December, 2002, and since then has won several prizes in many contests including being selected as one of the foundation clubs supported by the Small & Medium Business Administration.

Hwang Sung-wook said “I am glad that our continuous study on the mobile platform, as our club is appropriately named, has resulted in such a meaningful prize, and I am happy that I have become a better senior to my juniors.”

The leader of the Mobile-X club said “The Smart Phone provides an important chance of changing the domestic content market. I think it’s epochal that the students like us can develop the apps ourselves and sell them in the market. Thus, many students could have such opportunities and received prizes this time. I am sure that anyone can succeed only if he or she has the challenging spirit.”

The Mobile-X is planning to develop the field of games using cocos2D. It is a game using charming and cute characters and is receiving a lot of attention from the students. As the upgraded version of the Digital Atti, a visual-perceptual training program, user definition will be added to this game to allow users to select recording and images directly to make it more appealing to the visually and perceptually impaired. Also, it is our aim to make CWNU well-known by adding the regular admission to the apps developed for the occasional admission, and, by using high-definition cameras, we have developed the details of the school. The application handbook of the occasional admission, school introduction and the panorama of the school will be seen more clearly, just like the road view service of Daum Map, so the applicants do not need come to the school directly.

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