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Administrator Noh Dae-Lae on knowledge and career choice
Public Procurement Service Administrator Noh Dae-Lae conducted a special lecture themed as ‘Speed to Knowledge, Competitiveness, and Career Choice’ at Sarim auditorium on October 21st. The lecture was held especially for college students.

Administrator Noh covered important issues such as the Korean economy, the implementation of a fair society, response to globalization age, and what to prepare for university life. He also focused on the upcoming G20 summit in Korea, an event that has attracted worldwide attention.

Administrator Noh said “Twenty world leaders will come together in Seoul this November for the G20 Summit to discuss the state of global economy as it emerges from financial crisis. For the first time, Korea will play an influential role in the international economic order y hosting the summit.” He also added that this event will provide an opportunity for young people to expand their horizons, and for Korea to expand its status in the world arena. He emphasized the importance of knowledge about world trends among university students.

According to Noh, the current expansion rate of knowledge increases by twofold every two or three years, citing Appleberry with only 73 days till the end of 2010 to come up with business prospects for the year 2020 as a case in point. He pointed out that in such a situation, “collaboration” is essential to success, since an individual cannot possibly workout the critical issues of a large project. He also indicated that overcoming a crisis forms a sense of community, but there is a controversy over who gets more benefits.

He mentioned that two years after the Lehman crisis, the legitimacy of economic policies has weakened since the people who do not have the ability to manage crisis situation have only the smart people at Wall Street to turn to. Finally, he remarked “For the Korean economy and its people to be strongly regarded by the world, a just society must be established first. And unfair institutional policies and systems have to be drastically changed.”

Choi Deok-Yoon  media@changwon.ac.kr

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