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Lee Sun-hwa bags the grand prize in the 27th Japanese Speech Contest
Lee Sun-hwa (Dept. of Japanese Language & Literature, 09) won the grand prize at the ‘27th Japanese Speech Contest’ on Saturday, October 9, the culminating event of ‘2010 Changwon Japan Week’.
This contest, held in room 209, the CWNU Central Laboratory for Science & Technology, was co-hosted by the Busan Consulate-General of Japan and the Korea-Japan Cultural Exchange Association (KOJAC). The event was staged to promote friendship between Korea and Japan by inspiring the study of the Japanese language, and interest and understanding of Japan.

Competition was fierce . Only one student from each of the 4-year universities in the Yeongnam area were able to apply. Additionally, they had to be currently studying Japanese language, Japanese culture or Japanese education, and recommended by their college deans.

Lee Sun-Hwa could achieve this excellent result due to consistent practice everyday after school and every weekend. She received an award, trophy, and medal, as well as a 10-day trip to Tokyo, Nara and Kyoto next January.

The personal interview with her went on like this:
Reporter (R): I really would like to congratulate you on this award. First of all. would you please give me your impressions about winning?
Lee Sun-hwa (L): Hello, my name is Lee Sun-hwa and I’m currently enrolled in Dept. of Japanese Language & Literature at CWNU. Preparing for this Japanese Speech Contest is a great experience and I’m very happy with the unexpected result. I’d like to thank Uchibori Akari Sensei and Machida Takashi Sensei for helping me in the last few months with manuscript and pronunciation.
R: Would you simply explain about the contents of your speech at the contest?

L: During this contest, I talked about ‘self-esteem’. Self-esteem is cherishing and loving oneself.

R: What were the difficulties you had while preparing for the contest?

L: As this speech contest was in Japanese rather than my mother language, even writing the manuscript was difficult. And I had to find an interesting topic rather than a common topic to draw the attention of the audience. In addition, as this was not about reading the pre-written manuscript to myself but to ‘deliver’ my story in front of many people, it was difficult to add emotions to the text and the speech.

R: Are you currently working on any project or do you have any plans of future study or project?

L: Last year, the seniors from my department went to Japan for Japanese Drama Competition and I’m going to plan my trip in January following the advice of my seniors. Also, I’m currently preparing for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test N1. If possible, I’d like to study in Japan as an exchange student.

Ko Hye-Young  media@changwon.ac.kr

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