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Administrator Noh urges student’s self-development
A special lecture on employment by Public administrator Noh Dae-Lae was held at the Sarim Hall at 03:00 p.m. on October 28th (Thursday). This lecture was targeted for the students in the 1st and the 2nd year. During the session, there were heated debates on the issue "Grasp a clear vision and set up the goal."

Firstly, the lecturer stirred up a controversy while talking about the topic 'Set up a clear vision’ when he said that he changed his goal resolutely when he was studying for master’s degree since he regarded human relations as the most important factor. Secondly, those who want to be global leaders should exrecise control. A person who had a good home environment would have better social skills, too. Thirdly, the subject is "Have a dream." Those who have dreams set up the goals, and those who have goals take actions. It is possible to change one's life by simply changing one's attitude.
However, freshmen and sophomores lack social experience that the older students would of necessity already have. He expressed a hope that students work on self-development in conducive environments such as the university instead of going internet cafes, drinking or dozing off in class.

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