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Student cafeteria raises price of meals
The price of meals at the student cafeteria will be raised by 300 won, from 1,600 won to 1,900 won, starting on Monday, November 1st. The cafeteria has maintained the same price at 1,600 won for seven years, from 2003 until now.

However, this year has made it difficult to purchase and manufacture food products with the current price on the account of recent increase in the prices of commodities (22.5% annually). Consequently, the Consumers’ Cooperatives Council has decided to raise the prices of meals on its table d’hote menu to improve its operations and reduce deficit, and to improve the quality of meals offered at the student cafeteria.

Regarding this issue, one student said “It’s a pity that meal prices increase, but I don’t really care because the student cafeteria is still much cheaper than the restaurants outside the university. But the 300won price increase seems too much.”

When questioned about suggestions for improvement of the student cafeteria, one student said “I hope that the student cafeteria diversify the menu and offer not just one kind of ramen but various kinds. Also, it would be helpful to have machines that automatically dispense food tickets, just like in the BTL dormitory’s cafeteria.”

This year’s unusual weather phenomena such as cold temperatures, typhoons, and localized heavy rain until the period of Chuseok caused a shortage in the supply of agricultural products, a factor greatly contributing to the recent increase in food commodity prices.

Seong Jae-Ho  media@changwon.ac.kr

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