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Arithmetic interchange agreement with Hyundai-Wia
CWNU entered into an arithmetic interchange agreement with Hyundai-Wia, a heavy industries company at the Changwon industrial complex. Hyundai-Wia is in the manufacturing business which promotes internationally talented people.

Park Seong-Ho, president of CWNU, and Im Heung-Su, CEO (Chief Executive Officer ) of Hyundai-Wia, along with contracting parties, were involved in this agreement, which was signed at CWNU’s main building on Oct. 20th. Through this agreement, Hyundai-Wia will offer foreign branch global internships in the U.S.A, China, and Germany to exemplary CWNU students. Moreover, CWNU is going to provide employees in foreign branches with the chance to study the master’s course at CWNU College of Engineering, and thus promote global capability, offering foreign employees the chance to experience Korean culture. Mr. Park said that having a variety of global experiences will enhance their resumes, and better their chances of employment.Mr. Im added, “I think, through CWNU’s cooperation, promoting globally talented people will assist Hyundai-Wia’s global capability, reinforcing our competitiveness and strengthening our company internally.” In addition, he gave his opinion about global human resources. He said “CWNU’s vision is ‘Confident University, Internationally Competitive University.’ Now, CWNU is forging links with 79 universities in 17 countries. Our company demands not TOEIC score but useful English speaking ability.” He stressed the need for an aggressive but sincere attitude. In addition, he said “If you want to compete with experts in the world, you need to act wisely and quickly.”

An official of CWNU said “Students need to increase their competitive power in the international market. The world is for those who challenge themselves. Through this interchange, students will acquire another country’s advanced culture and develop leadership skills and a challenging attitude.”

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