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Dept.of shipbuilding & marine engineering clubs sail through competitions
The human-powered ship clubs Ara (Prof. Yoon Hyun-Gyu) and Hamtteul (Prof. Yoon Gun-Shik), from the Dept.of shipbuilding and marine engineering, participated in several competitions held during vacations and earned prizes in many of them. The 12th “Human and Solar Powered Vessel Festival 2010” was held this year and as the only festival in the country that uses human and solar-powered vessels, 25 man-powered ship teams, 9 solar boat teams, and approximately 1,000 shipbuilding and marine engineering students brought about heated competition.

Ara submitted a solar and man-powered ship in this competition, earning second place in the 5000m sprint, first place and participation award in the competition, and the special award by the mayor of the city of Changwon, enjoying the satisfaction of winning 4 awards in their first competition.

Hamtteul submitted a hovercraft at the 2010 national university student self-made automobile competition (77 universities and 156 teams participated), winning first place in the field of new technology and adviser award, and as shipbuilding and marine engineering students submitted a vehicle that can travel on both land and sea to the self-made automobile competition, they received the attention of those participating in the competition and the media.

The national university student self-made automobile competition is a contest which judges the automobiles designed by university students based on their speed, acceleration, durability, new technology, and design. At this year’s competition, a total of 80 universities and 133 teams participated.

The Dept.of shipbuilding and marine engineering has received a great deal of interest and praise being that the department was created only 2.5 years ago, the efforts of sophomores and juniors earned such excellent results in their first national competition, even without the experience or help of more senior students. The man-powered ship and hovercraft are said to have to been designed as part of a project by the education competency reinforcement project and Capstone Design, the marine plant’s re-training center.

Kang In-Jung  cutejung88@changwon.ac.kr

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