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Japan weeks : Muto Masatoshi’s lecture
As the last ambassador of Korea and Japan amalgamation century and as the first ambassador of new Korea and Japan relationship century, Muto Masatoshi, who has been appointed Japanese Ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary to Korea, lectured in CWNU central laboratory for science & technology. The speech started on Friday, October 1st at 4:00pm. This lecture was hosted by CWNU International Affairs and the Jae-Busan Consulate General of Japan. He explained, “Japan has technical skills, talented people, money, and good sales network. However, Korea has quick decision-making and daring overseas markets ability.”

He first started his post in Korea in 1975. He embarked on a diplomatic career in Korea, studied Korean, built close relationships with people of all social standings through frequent Korean work. He lectured in Korean without an interpreter, using his good Korean skills. Also, the ambassador said, “Cooperation among our three countries, Korea, Japan, and China, is most important. We are next door to each other, and three countries strong in the manufacturing industry and in the environmental aspect. So, cooperation is most important to make more progress than other countries.”

Finally, one student put a question to him about how the Japanese think about the Korean and Japanese amalgamation and Japanese Colonial Rule. On this, Ambassador Muto said “Japan dislikes attacking other countries and has an allergy to nuclear weapons. We want to live in peace. Japanese reflects upon her past acts of aggression.”

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