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CWNU encourages public service jobs
CWNU boasts of actively providing 200 million won worth of funds allocated for different programs that promote the development of the region and nurture potential professionals to work for core administrative offices in the country.

The financial assistance is a part of the ‘Strengthening Education Capabilities Business’ of the government. In one of its programs, CWNU carefully selects exceptional students who are preparing for teacher certification examination, civil service examinations, and public corporation examination. CWNU also implements a program that supports students who want to get specialized jobs. There are two hundred students who passed the screening test, and a total of 100 million won is set aside for online lectures, private institute tuition, studying materials, and individual mock tests.

In particular, CWNU plans to invite incumbent seniors as guest lecturers to do seminars on life in the civil service and give special lectures about tests. In addition, students will be able to witness first-hand real stories about civil servants in the hope of raising their understanding of public offices and inspiring them to study further.

Last July 1st-15th, 243 enrolled students participated in a survey conducted by CWNU about students who are preparing for the civil service exam. The survey aimed to provide practical assistance to students who really needed it.

The results of the survey show that 49.4% of the respondents prefer employment at the civil service. In addition, a total of 60.8% of the respondents are taking online courses, with video lectures as the most preferred format at 48.3%. The survey also reveals that 93.3% of the respondents are looking for free online courses, stressing that the students’ need for university’s assistance is high.

A CWNU official says “we will provide valuable assistance and be more responsive to students’ needs in order to produce many qualified core administrative professionals.”

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