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Concerns about dormitory-management expenses

Kim Sun-Dong (Grand National Party), a member of the National Assembly, pointed out a problem about national universities’ dormitory-management expenses. According to his data, Gyeongsang National University, which accommodates 3,922 students, receives 466,000 won for management expenses on average. However, there is a large difference in price between the old building and the new building. The difference is about 400,000 won. This deviation ranked fifth out of 39 national universities. The Campus Journal met Seo Byung-Chun, chief of the dormitory administration office, to check up on some facts. She related her opinions to us in an interview:

1. What is the acceptance rate of CWNU’s dormitory?
- CWNU accommodates 1,936 students and the acceptance rate is about 20 percent.

2. How much difference in price is there between the old building and the new building?
- The old buildings (1st, 2nd, and 3rd) receive 366,000 won for management expenses. The apartment building (4th building) receives 474,000 won and the BTL (build-transfer-lease) buildings (5th and 6th buildings) receive 580,000 won.

3. Why are the BTL buildings more expensive than the others?
- The size of a BTL room is bigger than the others and it has a private bath. In addition, it is equipped with air-conditioning and heating. It requires higher management expenses. Many students think that they bear the BTL building’s construction costs. In fact, CWNU pays 20 percent of the construction costs, and the government pays 80 percent. In conclusion, students do not pay for the construction.

4. How do you use management expenses?
- The management expenses are used for public utility charges, renovation of equipment, personnel expenses and operating expenses.

5. Do you have anything to add?
- CWNU’s BTL buildings are not too expensive in comparison with other universities. They showcase a successful example of CWNU’s negotiation with a private contractor. CWNU froze management expenses for the second consecutive year. We always endeavor to please students.

Ahn Seong-Bin  ahnbin1205@changwon.ac.kr

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