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CWNU Int'l Affairs offers exciting programs
Amid the ever-changing environment of the 21st century, the era of internationalization, CWNU International Affairs with its strong sense of nationalism and qualification to cope with the challenges of the times, offers many exciting programs. CWNU International Affairs held a presentation about its ‘Go Abroad’ program last Friday, September 17th, at the first seminar room. The presentation was held twice that day. In line with its objectives to cultivate future-oriented students and to construct a global campus, the International Affairs is also supporting two other programs – the ‘Study Abroad’ program and the ‘Global Campus’ program.

First, the ‘Study Abroad’ program is divided into three sub-categories: exchange student, language study abroad, and education empowerment project. In the ‘Exchange Student’ program, students are dispatched to universities in Japan, China, Germany, and Russia for a year. Application period is until the end of September and dispatch time is in March and September of next year. The foreign universities’ tuition fees and the students’ living expenses will be supported by the university. The living expenses of the students participating in the ‘Language Study Abroad’ program will also be paid for by the university, and the application period is until the end of September but dispatch period is next semester. The ‘Education Empowerment’ project includes studying abroad and volunteering abroad.

Second, the ‘Global Campus’ program is divided into international students support program and education empowerment project. The ‘International Student Support’ program includes cultural experience, global athletic meet, global festival, and farewell party. All of these activities are geared towards global interchange and unity, and in particular, the farewell party helps promote better senior-junior relationships. The ‘Education Empowerment’ project consists of global supporters, beautiful Korea, and major study camp. ‘Global Supporters’ is about matching a Korean student with a foreign student in order to build cultural bridges thru language exchange and cultural experience. By participating in this activity, students will be awarded credit for community service and a certificate. ‘Beautiful Korea’ is a program that introduces the cultural heritage of Korea.

Aside from these wonderful programs offered by the International Affairs, there are several others like Start, One to One, Study Abroad (at one’s own expense), Korean guide, and more! For more information, visit the office of International Affairs.

Kim Do-Yeon  media@changwon.ac.kr

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