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CWNU ranked first in admission competition
CWNU completed its 2011 applications for university programs on September 13th. The result was that CWNU recorded the highest competition rate of all national universities in the Busan an d Gyeongsangnam-do region.

According to CWNU, 10,482 students applied for the 1,454 openings at our university, so the competition rate was 7.21:1. Among all departments, the Dept. of Nursing Science had the highest rate of competition, at 24.6:1. The Dept. of Architectural Engineering recorded 21.88:1, Mechanical Design & Manufacturing Engineering was 19.14:1, Finance & Insurance was 17.86:1, and Business Administration recorded 16.89:1.

Behind those departments were Mechanical Engineering (14.63), International Trade (13.11:1), Electronic Engineering (12.57:1), Biochemistry & Health Science (11.86:1), Journalism & Mass Communication (11.86:1), International Relations (10.43:1), Clothing & Textiles (10.43:1), and Control & Instrumentation Engineering (10:1). In general, most departments showed a high competition rate.

Special admission, for students who have special academic abilities, showed a competition rate of 7.89:1. And the newly established category of ‘students who are graduates of technical high schools’ recorded a rate of 7.88:1.

One interested CWNU observer said, “The highest recorded competition rate in Gyeongsangnam-do was 5.55:1 in 2010 regular applications. So this year’s admission competition at CWNU rose by a lot from last year’s 5.36:1, and the entrance examination competition rate has been increasing steadily. That means that the status of CWNU is strengthening by the day.”

CWNU will announce the successful applicants for admission on Oct. 29, and then will put up the list of those who have passed the final step after the oral exam and performance test on Dec. 10.

For further information, call the manager for entrance at (213 – 4000) or check the information homepage (

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