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Turfing grounds project on hold
Since last year, our university has been pushing ahead with artificial turf ground. However, due to lack of funds, the university is having a hard time pushing ahead with its business. University pursues the build-transfer-lease program with private capital.

The argument about a grass field at CWNU concluded with the decision not to install one. The student government wrote an article in the CWNU portal notice on July 8th. Briefly, student government indicated several problems with the sand field, such as causing a lot of injuries to students, raising dust, etc.

Therefore, the student government had requested budget help for a grass field from the National Physical Education Promotion Corporation and Changwon City, but this request had been rejected for several years. Subsequently, BTO(Build Transfer Operate) business was started, and led to a reorganization of the project through Private Financing. It was feared, however, that the use of the field by students may be limited. Although it was decided that a grass field would not be installed, student government received information that the whole field fee would be free.

Therefore, CWNU should replace the sand field with grass as quickly as possible. However, a lot of delay is expected due to budgetary and various other problems. As a result, the revitalization of the field remains incomplete at this time.

(The result of questionnaire is located on left side. 4,732 students and staffs participated in questionnaire and 79% of them agreed on artificial turf ground.)

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