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The 2010 Venture Road Show!
The Venture Road Show was held in the multimedia room located on the second floor of Communal Experimental-facilities at CWNU on Thursday, May 27th. The event was hosted by the Gyeongnam Small and Medium Business Administration and conducted by Venture Incubation center and CWNU’s ocean plant business based on green technology, with a slogan of "confidence towards a future and entrepreneurship." The major purpose of the event is to energize unemployed young people with entrepreneurship of courage and passion to make them find a new future plan. Moreover, the minor purpose is to establish a better atmosphere and to improve economic vitality. Kim Byung-Chul, president of MBS Corporation was invited to this road show. The event started with a lecture by Chief Executive Officers graduated from the same school, and continued in the order of 'The Explanation of Polices and Support of Small and Medium Business', 'Quiz Survival' etc. It created a foundation for thinking, and it also became a place for establishing knowledge.

First, President Kim Byung-Chul, an alumnus of the CWNU Dept. of Commerce and Trade (’80), was invited. The MBS Corporation is the largest corporation in Korea for making road bikes and mountain bikes. He gave a speech about the background of, and motivation for, establishingthecompany, the introduction of aluxurious bike "ELFAMA," and experiences he went through as a businessman. Furthermore, he emphasized 3M and Passion to university students preparing for business establishment. 3M means manageable mind, health, and knowledge. He said people need to realize the importance of time and think deeply about how to use the time given in your life efficiently. He emphasized that "people who dream can achieve the dream," and he told CWNU students to do their best in everything they do, and to act with passion.

Secondly, Gyeongnam Small and Medium Business Administration people briefly explained their understanding of small and medium business, the start-up assistant system, and establishment policy, etc. At the conclusion of their lecture, they said people who wish to know about business establishment in detail can either visit the websites, or
www.bizinfo.go.kr, or call 1357.

Finally, Quiz Survival was used to make attendees participate in the lecture and create an establishment atmosphere. The winners were honored with a prize for the Quiz Survival.

Continual economic stagnation decreases the employment-rate and it is a crucial social issue. Participants learned more about establishment, had their sense of entrepreneurship cultivated, and were challenged to pursue their desires through the event.

Ko Hye-Young  khy2846@changwon.ac.kr

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