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CWNU concluded agreement with Le Mans
CWNU and Universite du Maine of France concluded an agreement for academic cooperation on May 20 in a meeting that took place at the briefing room on the second floor of CWNU's main building. The meeting was at tended by 13 people from both parties, including Park Seong-Ho (PresidentofCWNU), JoGoon-Jae(DeanofCWNUaffairs), JungYeun-Sic(Directorofinternationalexchange), and Du Maine's Philip Daniel(Vice-president of international exchange). The agreement was drafted for the purpose of expanding both universities' globalnetwork.

The meeting between the two universities yielded a lot of positive results, including, among others, a student exchange program and French language training program. Both programs will start this year. The academic cooperation between the two universities includes a formal written agreement which states the exchange of students and faculties, exchange of publication and academic information, and exchange of research work and results.

CWNU and Universite du Maine will select a total of five students each year for the exchange program, and students can get credits for their participation in the exchange program. Selected students are required to pay the tuition of their respective universities only, and are exempted to pay additional tuition fees and entrance fees. In addition, CWNU students can avail of the students' assistance program which grants them a subsidy in the Universite du Maine language training program from July 3.

The Universite du Maine is a French national university that has a total of 8, 700 students, and among them, 1,270 are international exchange students. Universite du Maine has a variety of majors and courses in French for international students, and also offers 'FLE' to international students taking French language training courses and a course for acquiring a French teacher qualification certificate. The Universite du Maine is located in du Maine city, which is 185km southwest of Paris. It takes about an hour from Paris if you take TGV ;Train de Grande Vitesse.

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