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Sudden cancellation of 'Bongrim Athletic meeting'
CWNU has held the 'Bongrim athletic meeting' annually in May. It was scheduled to hold this year’s athletic meeting on May 27th. Since March, every department has participated in the preliminary rounds, which were conducted as a tournament. After the preliminary rounds, 14 departments had advanced to the final rounds. Most students anticipated the athletic meeting on May 27th,butitwentagainststudents'desires.

On May 24th, the general student association held an urgent conference and cancelled the athletic meeting because of low participation. There are 53 departments in CWNU, but only 14 departments wanted to participate. The association said "The athletic meeting is the most important athletic event at CWNU. But many students think the day of the athletic meeting is a day off. Through the athletic meeting, it is expected that students will become familiar with their friends, seniors, and juniors. At this rate, the 'Bongrim athletic meeting' is little more than a name. We caused confusion about the athletic meeting and offer our sincere apology to students. Please accept our apology."

Many students who heard of the cancellation looked very disappointed. A student expressed his opinion on the general student association's homepage. He said, "CWNU has held the athletic meeting annually. The students’ association could expect low participation. However, they did not do their best. Many departments which did not advance to the final rounds have nothing to do. The students’ association lacked consideration for them. This cancellation avoided the association's responsibility. Do not shift the responsibility onto students."

Another student protested against the association's decision. He said, "Many students prepared for the athletic meeting since March. Most of them cheered for their teams. Some students missed their classes for their teams. But all their efforts have come to nothing due to the cancellation. In my opinion, it was a rash decision. CWNU has held an athletic meet to solidify the friendship and unity of the departments. Without the final round, the students' participation lost its meaning. The association should lead all departments."

Ahn Seong-Bin  ahnbin1205@changwon.ac.kr

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