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The Conference on Technological difficulties of enterprise held

On May 28th, the 'Enterprise Difficulty Technology Result Conference' took place at CWNU building 21. This conference involves business cooperation between CWNU and KAIST. It was a report about last year’s development in difficult technologies. Before the conference, there was a progress report from the director. Next, there were greetings from CWNU and KAIST representatives. The conference was conducted with two teams, A and B. A team announced 5 areas, and B team announced 6 areas. Each area was given about 15 minutes, and the conference was followed by a question-and-answer session.

At the result conference, one project was the development of silicon solar cells that reduce shading loss and have a grid. It was made possible by reversing the top cell on a normal cell. If we do this, we can predict the short-circuit current will increase about 3~5%. Another project was the development of a sound power measurement methodology for construction equipment. The purpose of this study was to decrease the noise produced by excavator engines.

First, we had to grasp the noise source, then visualize the problem. And then we could produce software using acoustical holography. Another project was the development of the autonomous driving of a small mobile robot outdoors. It became possible through the development of a navigation sensor algorithm using GPS and IMU. This signal puts the signals together.

Aside from these three projects, there was the development of an efficient car pre-heater and the ocean natural gas liquefaction process for LNG EPSO. In addition to this development, there were six further technology developments.

Kim Do-Yeon  titi9273@changwon.ac.kr

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