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Special lecture for employment by Samsung Techwin

As a part of the ‘2010 Special Lectures about Employment’ by the Dept. of Industrial and Systems Engineering, the ‘Employment Special Lecture’ was held at building 50, Rm. 50109, on May 27, Wednesday. Originally, the lecture was designed for senior students of the Dept. of Industrial & Systems Engineering and School of Nano & Advanced Materials Engineering. However, many sophomore and junior students are also keen to attend this lecture, which means that more and more students are interested in finding a job.

The main subject of the lecture was ‘Talented Workers that Corporate Wants’. The guest speaker was Lee Yeong-Chan, of Samsung Techwin and has been working as a lecturer for 3 years. Lee did his best to give a lot of information and prepared educational materials all by himself. He also came with a junior staff who was a graduate of CWNU, so students were able to feel the experience of interview more vividly.

In this lecture, Lee emphasized doing volunteer activity, club activity, and traveling during campus life. According to Lee, these experiences are different from the ones in school, so he recommended spending spare time wisely. He said “While in the university, you can have much time for yourself. If you use this time wisely such as doing volunteer activity, club activity, and traveling, you will ace your job interview. And these activities also give a chance to meet various kinds of people.” He also added, “Nowadays, networking shows one’s force. If you want to create your network, it is important to win people’s hearts. Also, the job interview is a test where you must gain the interviewer’s favor. Learn the ways of winning people’s hearts.” He also recommended having your own role model, fostering professionalism, and doing your best in everything. All of these tips are helpful information for the students.

Kim Su-Gil (Dept. of Industrial & System Engineering, 09) said “It is so hard to find a job these days. I was worried about getting a job, because I heard that there are even people who go to an academy to pass a job interview. Today, through this special lecture, I learned a lot of know-how from a successful candidate and an interviewer. After attending this special lecture, I feel a sense of relief. From now on, I will not only acquire basic credentials needed to get job like TOEIC and certificates, but also do various activities like volunteering and club activities. I will develop myself to be more competitive.”

By Kim E-Seul

Kim E-Seul  Seul_09@changwon.ac.kr

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