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Seminar on integrated Changwon

On May 27th, CWNU held the '2010 integrated Changwon city policy seminar on an improvement plan' in the 3rd seminar room of building 21. This seminar's aim was to examine the issue and seek an improvement plan for the integrated ChangwonCity. And the seminar was hosted by CWNU's Institute of Business & Economic Research and the Economic Culture Institute.

The seminar began with the opening speech of Director Gong Deok-Am, head of the Institute of Business & Economic Research and was followed by Kang Yong-Su, Director of the Economic Culture Institute. The seminar proceeded with policy presentations and discussion. The policy presentation consisted of the presentation of Kang Deok-Chul, who is the head of Div. investment in Busan-Jinhae Free Economic Zone Authority, and of Prof. Jeon Oe-Sul of the Dept. of International Relations. Director Kang Deok-Chul presented concerning the improvement of the integrated Changwon, and the role of the Busan & Jinhae free economic zone. Prof. Jeon Oe-Sul presented on the issue of an integrated Changwon and balanced regional development.

The theme of the presentation of Director Kang Deok-Chul was that 'through construction of an international business resort, the integrated ChangwonCity must be transformed into a marine economic center'. So, he explained the importance of preparing a high-tech in frastructure and buliding up a network between regional industriale states. The theme of the presentation of Prof.Jeon Oe-Sul was that 'local resident integration is more important than regional integration.' So, he emphasized the emergence of a competitive relationshipin Changwon, Masan and Jinhae as an integratedcity. And he also emphasized the promotion of specific local industry that is suitable to each local.

After the presentation was over, next came the discussion. The discussion proceeded through the exchange of opinions of the presenters and discussants. A student who attended the seminar, Cho Taek-Rae (Dept. of Economics, 06), said, "As a resident of Changwon City and a student of CWNU, which is the local base university of the integrated Changwon, I have been interested in improvements to the integrated Changwon. That’s why I attended this seminar. The seminar was impressive. Especially, the presentation of Prof. Jeon Oe-Sul impressed me." And CWNU's Institute of Business & Economic Research and the Economic Culture Institute will hold a seminar on the same theme on several occasions.

Ryu Seung-Bong  nawow100@changwon.ac.kr

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