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Language study abroad Fair opened

On May 5th, the first CWNU Language Study Abroad Fair was hosted by the general students' association and A-plus Studying Abroad at Bongrim Students’ Hall.

The countries meeting at the fair were the United States, Canada, The Philippines, Australia and Japan. The main information students were able to get from the counselors was about visas, language study abroad in the cases of the United States and Canada, and regional academics in the case of the Philippines, along with visas for working holidays and language study abroad in the cases of Australia and Japan.

The fair hosts offered some benefits to attendees and students seeking counseling. The first benefit is that the counseling is free. The second benefit is that if you join the cafe of CWNU's meeting for language study abroad (http://cafe.daum.net/cwabroad), English video chatting is free for two weeks. The third benefit is that the host offered English video chatting at no cost for one month if students registered on site. Besides, the students who registered for Australia received the additional benefit of a free working-holiday visa. The final benefit was to discount each country's cost of studying abroad. At the fair’s location, a total of 6 booths were installed for counseling about each country, along with English video chatting with a native speaker of Filipino. Many students took the time for counseling and English video chatting. In particular, the students were interested in English video chatting.

Kim Dong-Bum (Dept. of Finance Insurance, 05), who is head of the education section of the general students' association and the person in charge, said "the ‘first CWNU Language Study Aboard Fair' helps to satisfy students' curiosity about language study abroad and general study aboard through the advice of experts.". He also had time for some counseling. Speaking as a student, not as the head of the event, he added "I, too, have some curiosity about studying abroad, especially about a working-holiday visa for Japan. Through this opportunity, I got a lot of interesting information. So this opportunity was a great help to me."

And Nam Joo-Hyun, head of the counseling team, said "In autumn, another fair will be hosted. Also, we are already discussing hosting a seminar about studying abroad once per month with the general students' association. So please show a lot of interest in the next fair and seminar."

Ryu Seung-Bong  nawow100@changwon.ac.kr

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