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14th General Board Directors' Meeting

The CWNU Development Supporters Association (President Choi Junggyeong) held its 14th board of directors and regular general meeting on Friday, April 23rd, 2010 at 11:00am in the situation room located on the second floor of the main building.

The event opened with sixteen people in attendance, including Chancellor Park Sungho, Choi Junggyeong, school supporting association President An Jongsung, Kyeonghan Korea Co., Ltd. CEO Lee Sangyoun, Peace Electric Generation Co., Ltd. CEO Park Soonok, Korea Institute of Industrial Technology President Su Hongsam, and Joowon Tech Co., Ltd. CEO Yoon Soodo. The meeting proceeded with a greeting speech from the sponsor chairman, the welcoming speech of the president, a report on present conditions, a discussion of other matters, and the close of the meeting.

The Development Supporters Association board members changes were announced, with Ma Peongsu, Hyeon-Dae Danjo Co., Ltd. CEO becoming president and Nam Buheo from KyeonNam Steel Co., Ltd. becoming vice-president. Furthermore, Ko Jaejin, Young-Sin Machinery Co., Ltd. CEO, Kang Ssangwon, STX Shipbuilding Executive Director, Yoon Chanhun, Youngdong Tech Co., Ltd. CEO, and Hwang Yeonhee, KPI Conditioning Co., Ltd. CEO became directors of the supporters association. In addition, Jung Younghwa, Daeho Tech Co, Ltd. CEO was appointed as a new auditor.

President Choi said that he will “actively support CWNU so as to make it a top university among megacities by opening various fund-raising events.”

Ko Hye-Young  khy2846@changwon.ac.kr

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