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Lee Yeong-Jo’s Past Affairs Theorem Lecture

The past affairs theory lecture for the truth and reconciliation commission took place on Thursday, April 29th at 2:00pm at CWNU building 22, in the College of Social Sciences, 1st floor, lecture room 105. Past affairs theorem committee chairman Lee Yeong-Jo lectured about past affairs theory of Korea from a comparative point of view. Lee Yeong-Jo was an active Kyunghee University professor, and he worked to reveal the truth about past affairs in Korea.

He said, “Seizing control of the past is seizing control of the present,” hence the importance of investigating the truth about the past. And further, “The truth and reconciliation commission deals with various affairs regarding the independence movement in Korea, terror, invasion, violence, cruel actions by leftists, and human rights abuse investigations.” He said that the problem with investigating the truth of Korea’s history is the inconsistency of the microscopic approach, in which the emphasis is different in each independent investigation. Thus, one must balance one’s stance between scientific research and fair judgment.

Finally, Lee Yeong-Jo said, “Korea was one of the world’s poorest nations, but while financial resources were poor, cultural resources gave Korea a high possibility of development.” “Our country had development possibilities and hope through its dark history,” he added

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