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Kim So-Lee, Represented Korea Produced by CNUFeature Story | 2009 Summer Session Overseas Culture Reporting

CNU student, Kim So-Lee( Dept. of athletics 08, 21) won a bronze medal in an individual event at the summer season World University Games held on July 9(Thursday). The game was held at the Fair-Hall in Belgrade, the capital of Yugoslavia. She outdid all competitors without blocking until the semifinals. At the game sorting out the ultimate 16 victors, she defeat the player from Japan, at the game for sorting out the final 8 victors, she beat the player from Spain. Under a handicap of a community college, She overcame it and then went to the semifinal, sent a full of pride to CNU students.

At the semifinal, unfortunately, she matched with a player from China, a powerfully favorite for the championship. So she was defeated in this game. The bronze medal which Kim So-Lee grabbed is the sole medal in ping-pong. However, in that respect, the bronze medal has more bigger meaning than any other. Otherwise, Kim So-Lee is selected from the final elimination match held at a Chungju gymnasium with 14 players for three days from May 8~10. As a result of full-rig, she won the third position, winning nine and losing fourth and then she was finally selected. So she took part in the 25th summer season World University Games at Belgrade of Serbia.
I met with Kim So-Lee, doing a very good job as a member of the national team,widely knew the reputation of CNU.

I am anxious to know how she can be a member of the national team and how was the feeling of a lump in the throat. She talked in a quiet tone. In truth, I just... it couldn’t feel so real. Also I did not expect to be a member of the national team. In addition, the result wasn’t announced immediately. So I really didn’t know. So I ask that is there any problem to be a member of the national team with a provincia university graduate, She answer briskly about that question. “It is not an important matter. Because the decisive thing is ones ability. So never mind about with any other condition. There are the two part morning training and the two part afternoon training. The power control of the rest time is have to be maintained individually. Common people have a fixed idea the most member of the national team would do a harsh training everyday, however, intense training is requested only sports entries like judo, strong physical strength is requested. I asked her about the progress of the summer season World University Games. “Korea make a university member of the national team take part in an athletic contest, the other side, other country select an experienced veteran as an entrant. So our player felt discrepancy in ability. Although the gap of experience at world scale game, our player did a good job, so we can get the bronze medal.” her said. “Now, we constantly do our best to get a good result coming the next games. Please watch and cheer us. “ she said.

Ock Jin-Young  merrong86@changwon.ac.kr

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