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Joseon Children with Pure Heart
After graduating from university, I’ll also hope to have a chance to have a foreign trip, the feeling seems to be entirely different feeling during school days. Another dream is overseas voluntary service so that I can help others living under the other circumstances different greatly from mine. By the way, I had a chance of the overseas voluntary service.

Those around me tell me not to go because now there is a new species influenza that is spreading around the world. However, I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to work overseas voluntary service. Especially after university, there will never be another opportunity like this. In addition, it is the Yanbian Korean Autonomous. When I apply for overseas voluntary service for an area of Yanbian, my friends were unsatisfactory about the Yanbian that the development stage of sanitary facilities are very bad.

“What about next time? any other place?” she said, However, the region is to my liking. Next time, there are some opportunities to go sightseeing into Beijing or Sanghai, when will it possible for me to have this opportunity to go to Yanbian? In Yanbian, there are Joseon people who are descended from an our ancestor, emigrated to China during its colonial rule of Korea 1910~45. In the future, the next generation, the meaning of Joseon people would disappear. Nevertheless, at least now, I want to treat them as our brothers.
Let’s Go to Cannan!

Our Volunteers live at the Canaan Farmhand School. A sound of a bell of reclamation to announce the coming of dawn is faintly heard at 4:30 am. Everyday as soon as we get up, we first have to run to the background around Canaan Farmhand School with shouting a slogan “Wake up the dawn. There are so much works to do. I have only to do it. I can do it.” I learned there are many thing I can do if I get up early. Another thing I learned is regular life and saving will. In there, we can eat as much as we want, but there are not freedom to leave even a grain of rice. In that respect, I realized the importance of a grain of rice.

We Grow Into One Through the Voluntary Service

Joseon Children with Pure Heart

I remember when I went to the middle school to educate the children as a volunteer at the first time, I was amazed at the fluent Korean language from Joseon children. Also as they demonstrated familiarity to us. It is very thankful, Otherwise we would have been heartbrokeng for these children without young people like us around here. There are mostly older people around here. So the children would liked very much us. As we have only two weeks to stay here, however, I worried that we would become attached to each other, and that would offend the children.
There was a wide range of students from first grade of elementary school to first grade of high school. The character of students are also very various from a shrinking violet inhibiting their emotion to active students to a degree to which they can’t hold control a thing any longer. At first, as we had difficulty in education with various students, we can get various instruction and memories.

A Touching an Athletic Meeting

If it should rain tomorrow, we will not do an athletic meeting. Because we have to leave from here to Baekdusan at the day after tomorrow, tomorrow is last day in this area. So all of us became very serious wonder if we have to leave here not to have athletic meeting because of rain.
Unfortunately, It rained all through the morning. Although it rained at morning, every children come to school to our athletic meet. As I look after our children, I am extremely impressed coming in on last day of our class, inspite of nasty weather. So we get a urgent meeting for beautiful memory to keep a thing warm. As a result of the meeting, we decided to carry the student to Cannan by school bus. Because we can’t use the hall of school, lacking anything better, we use a lecture room in Cannan. Quickly, we tidy up the lecture room neatly and then gather the parents of students and students in the lecture room. We start our an exhibition of student works. Every student show the special skill prepared with teachers in the presence of others. There are loverly recorder performances and rhythmic movement accompany with Korean songs. we can see the brave heart when children to show an example of Taekwondo. Especailly, the samulnori performance is deeply moving. It was favored by good weather after lunching, so all of us go out and we got a touching an athletic meeting. As all of us; students, teachers, parents of students and inhabitants participate in an athletic meet, I had a great time and a pleasant memory.

We Grow Into One Through the Voluntary Service

There are fives teams: education of computers, Taekwondo, samulnori, entertainment and photographing & record team. At the beginning all of us felt awkward with each other, we became a lifelong friends as time went on and we share with joys and sorrows.

If you suffer for the overseas voluntary service, you need not worry so much. What is troubling you? Is volunteering so hot and hard to work? Well, whatever you are suffering from, can it be a problem? I would like to strongly recommend it because you can see the big world you’ve never even met, learn something beyond all expectations. In my opinion, you may go anywhere you can give your helps. Without calculation, without worry, Leave at once! Then you can help. You can not only help others but also help yourself. Maybe it is meaningful and helpful for you!

Ock Jin-Young  merrong86@changwon.ac.kr

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