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The one promise, One Meeting

As a part of 2010 Changwon University Patent Invention Club Business, it held a special lecture with Muja buddhist monk on wednesday, April 21, 2010 around 3 pm; It was sponsored by Changwon University Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation.

Muja monk was an ex-chief monk of Gilsang Temple and he is also a disciple of last Bubjung buddhist monk who is well-known for a book of essays, 'Musoyu.' He opened the lecture with the theme of The one promise, one meeting which means "a one-off time in life, once in a lifetime connection?! in life."

Meaning of The one promise, one meeting is once in a lifetime meeting or experience. Even though the lecture was too formal and bored since it was focused on the profound topic, he told students his fun experience and caused them to burst out laughing.

People nowadays are different than people in the past in the way that they tend to frustrate easily because of lack of patience. people today live a pleasant and comfortable life and they are reluctant to deep think and cogitate. In addition, He told that although you study so hard, achieve a rise and earn the money ,after all there is a death. You must realize the transience and we can live properly

"You should be free from life and death. The first step is to realize the transience" ended his speech with this significant words.

Ko Hye-Young  lovehoi2846@changwon.ac.kr

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