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Changes Towards CWNU Competitiveness

CNWU president Park Seong-ho is strongly determined to enhance CWNU's competitiveness. He said, "Regardless of selection, I will enhance CWNU's competitiveness to achieve the department advanced education." His intentions will be implemented from the second semester of 2010.

First, relative evaluation is strengthened. Until now, 70% of the students can receive B grade or higher, but this will be changed to 50%, and 20% of the students will receive D or F grade. Through this, students who do not study hard will not be able to graduate.

Second, 'English Graduation English', which requires students to reach a certain level of English proficiency before graduation will be introduced.

Third, 'Liberals must read book', which requires students to read a total of 200 books before graduation will also be introduced.

Fourth, 'Chinese Characters' program will be implemented, where students can learn 2000 Chinese characters in order to meet the demands of job applications in enterprises.

Fifth, CWNU plans to employ about 30 English native speaker professors for 3~4 years. These professors will conduct 30% of all major lectures.

To enhance the quality of lectures, results of lecture evaluation and contents of the lectures will be released online. Professors who have outstanding results of evaluation will receive incentives.

Ryu Seung-Bong  nawow100@changwon.ac.kr

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