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Lecture by Personnel Manager of 'STX Offshore & Shipbuilding'

On March 31, 'Industry-University Cooperation Foundation' hosted a special lecture as a part of specialist training on intellectual property rights. The guest speaker was Park Young-Gyu, a personnel manager of STX Offshore & Shipbuilding. His hour-long speech was divided into two sections. First, he introduced the shipbuilding industry and its present structure. In particular, he emphasized the importance of the shipbuilding industry. Nowadays, the broadcast media portrays the shipbuilding industry as undergoing a crisis. This coverage is based on cancellation of contracts and recent developments in China. China has become a strong competitor in shipbuilding industry, receiving a higher amount of orders than that of Korea's.

However, Mr. Park pointed out that there is nothing to worry about, saying that "China mainly makes bulk carrier which is relatively of low value. We primarily make LNG-ship, Icebreaker and Drill-ship which are relatively of high value.

These ships require high-level technical skills and we have sufficient quantities in stock." The Korean shipbuilding industry holds the highest position in terms of market share and employs more than 130 thousand people. In addition, it surpassed 54.4 billion dollars in annual exports and trade balance surpassed 20 billion dollars last year.
In the second part of his speech, he talked about tips on how to ace a job interview and explained the many mistakes job applicants make. According to Mr. Gyu, when applicants are given abstract questions, their explanations were too abstract. He advised that although the questions are abstract, they are expected to give concrete answers. Some interviewers intentionally grind interviewees with unbearable questions and this unintentionally hurts the interviewees' pride.

This type of interview questions aims to evaluate the interviewee's competence in coping with crises. He added that interviewees are required to speak briefly and sincerely. Many applicants unconsciously make a mistake in self-introduction. It is essential that interviewees should relate specific and relevant experiences while in university.

As his final message, Mr. Park said "I would like to help by giving some concrete advice to students. The officers in the human resources department are looking for people who are good at self-management. Try to develop students' thinking power and read instructive books. The virtues of a good engineer include honesty and integrity."

Ahn Seong-Bin  ahnbin1205@changwon.ac.kr

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