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A School Library for the Public
The special system of lending books to inhabitants of Gyeongsang province has received a hearty welcome from the public. The CWNU Central Library wishes to be a library open to the community. It provides a system for lending books to inhabitants of Gyeongsang province and school personnel of Gyeongsang, in addition to the members of CWNU.

The number of users for this special system and the rate of lending rose more than 20 percent in 2009. The number of users was 1,427 people, the greatest gain since the 20.5 percent rise in 2008. The data also shows that the number of the books borrowed rose to 14,624 in 2009, which means that users of this system borrowed more than 10 books per person last year.
The number of users was equal to approximately 16 percent of the CWNU student population. The staff in charge of this system spent more than one month a year on accepting applications, data processing and so on for this system, because it took about 240 hours a year. Furthermore, it took about 730 hours a year to process the loans and returns.

In other words, a staff member has to work more than 4 months for this system. Among local universities, CWNU has the highest numbers of both users and books lent.
On the other hand, there are some injury cases. In addition, the staff suffers from the growing burden. Despite these problems, CWNU plans to continue this system for years to come, in order to carry out our duty as a national university to the fullest extent. Meanwhile, If you are an inhabitant of Gyeongsang province, it is possible to borrow books by visiting our delivery room on the second floor of the Central Library after filling out an application. You can borrow 3 books for 10 days.

Ock Jin-Young  Merrong86@changwon.ac.kr

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