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Academic Exchange with Yanbian University
On April 23th, CWNU president Park Seong-Ho visited China. He successfully carried out an agreement for academic exchange with Yanbian University of Science and Technology. Such an agreement was for exchanging staff and students for the execution of researches, sharing academic data for the co-organized academic seminars and conferences, and exchanging academic information for publications.

President Park Seong-Ho who is interested in the local people in Yanbian, congratulated the conclusion of the agreement. In order to provide the starting point for the active exchange in the future, he personally carried out a lecture for the local business people who are mainly ethnic Koreans living in China on 24th at Yanbian University of Science and Technology.

According to CWNU, "The university has actively carried out various service activities in Yanbian in China for a long time. Every summer, it sends a group of volunteers for overseas services to Canaan Farmhand School in the area, in order to carry out educational services. Also, it sends staff to Yanbian University of Science and Technology to carry out mutual cooperation. Through the conclusion of this agreement with Yanbian University of Science and Technology, it will be possible to strengthen the status of CWNU in Yanbian."

CWNU has successfully concluded exchange agreements with 93 schools in 18 countries throughout the world, including 37 schools in China. The university is currently involved in the active exchange with such schools. It is planning to expand the range of the foreign exchange in the future further.

Meanwhile, Yanbian University of Science and Technology is the first university which was established with the foreign investment. It is located in Yanji of Yanbian Korean Self-governing District. It is a school for teaching skills. In 1988, the government of Yanji in China and Ms. Jin-gyeong Kim concluded an agreement for the establishment of Yanbian College of Technology for Koreans living in China.

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